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School Council 2016/17 - 0ur Year so Far.......


So far this year, we have raised money for three very important charities. As part of Stand Up to Cancer Day, we organised a coffee afternoon. We made cakes and teas and coffees and invited our families to join us.


In November, we took part in Children In Need Day once again. We held a non-uniform day and held competitions as well as organising a Cake Sale. Thank You to everyone for their help and support; especially Mrs Pyke who helped us with our Cake Sale and baked the fantastic spotty cake!


Our latest Charity event was for Children In Need. We helped Mrs Pyke once again; this time with a Malteser cake! We organised a whole school cake sale and also sold 'Children In Need' merchandise. A special thank you to James C's mum for supporting us with this.


We had the opportunity in the Autumn to interview Mike Penning, MP, after he talked to the whole school in assembly when he talked to us about positive thinking and aiming high! The key message he left us all with was 'work hard and anything is possible!'


When he spoke to us about his work we learnt about being both a representative and a delegate and the difference between the two. We know we have a very important job to do.


We started 2017 with a review of our attendance awards system. We considered everyone's views and ideas before finalising the new system which the rest of the school really like. Please read the attached document for details.


We took on an extremely important role just before Easter; interviewing! We asked our own questions to the candidates and supported Mrs Short with her decision making.


Our next task is to review the changes we made to the school attendance award system. We want to see that it has made a positive difference, look at what we like and how we can make it even better! We will also be meeting with Mrs Lettis to discuss lunchtimes.









Attendance Rewards System 2017