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'Learning and Achieving Together'

Current team - 2016/17


 Head Teacher

 Mrs S Short

 Deputy Head Teacher

 Mrs K Boulder

 Year 3 Teachers

 Miss S Flynn and Miss L Smith

 Year 4 Teachers

 Mrs E Holman, Miss K Hanniffy  and Mrs Baker

 Year 5 Teachers

 Mr R Fitton and Mr T London

 Year 6 Teachers

 Mrs K Boulder, Miss G Palmer, & Mrs K Vipond


 Mrs C Short

 PE Team  Mr S Wallis & Mr S Steeden (Sports Apprentice)

 Admin Team

 Mrs D Noble and Mrs E Wood

 TA Team

 Miss L Allwork, Mrs C Archer, Mrs K Botha, Miss S Blackwell, Mrs V Buck,  Mrs T Cantellow, Mrs S Freeman, Miss C Greatbatch, Miss C Lettis, Mrs H Pullen,  Miss K Pyke, Mrs W Sides, Mrs K Spencer, Mrs S Stretton,  Mrs G Weston,

 MSA Team


 Mrs V Buck (Senior), Miss C Lettis (Senior), Miss L Allwork,

 Miss C Greatbatch, Miss D Halsey, Mrs A Jacobs, Mrs H Pullen, 

 Mrs K Spencer, Mrs S Stretton, Mrs H Taylor

 Premises Team

 Mr A Davis and Mrs H Delany