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Learning and Achieving Together


'Learning and Achieving Together'


As a school we are committed to the principle of smart uniform which we believe reflects a positive attitude to learning and acts to support our high expectations.

We have a really smart uniform, we can choose from:-

• Hobletts Manor School royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with logo.

• Black/grey tailored trousers/skirt/pinafore.

• In warmer weather blue school summer dress, black/grey school (tailored school shorts).

• Hobletts Manor School royal blue/yellow or white polo shirt or plain royal blue/yellow or white polo shirt/ cotton tailored shirt/blouse.

• Plain black/grey or white socks/tights.

• Black school shoes – no trainers, boots or heels please

• Non decorative slides, Alice bands or hair ties– blue, yellow, white, black or grey.Small stud earrings only( for safety reasons these will be need to be removed or taped up for PE)


PE: indoor and ‘summer’ outdoor

• Plain blue or black shorts.

• Round neck t shirt with school logo in your child’s house colour. Alternatively, a plain t shirt in your child’s house colour could be worn.

In winter outdoor PE kit can also consist of a sweatshirt/jogging bottoms (these can be of any colour). Makeup and nail varnish are not part of our school uniform.


Where can I buy uniform?

The arrangements for purchasing uniform are listed below.

On Line Purchasing – EssentialSchoolwear

• Please visit

• Place your order

• Choose your delivery option (Delivery can be to an address of your choice (for a small delivery charge) or direct to school, which is free. We will then send all ordered items home with your child.

Online Purchasing - Tesco

• Please visit

• Click on Baby & Kids

• Click on Embroidered School Uniform and place your order

Purchasing Direct From the School

Please complete an order form and pop it to us with your payment, or if it is easier, you can make a payment via School Gateway. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, we are only able to hold a limited amount of stock, so please do bear with us!

Second Hand Uniform

Friends of Hobletts Manor Schools (FoHMS) hold a stock of good quality second hand uniform available at reduced prices.. These can be requested using the FoHMS Uniform Request Form on the back of the school’s order form. We are always looking for donations of stock so if you are able to help simply hand the items into either school or directly to a member of the FOHMs Committee.


Jewellery and other valuables

For the Health and Safety of our children, we are grateful to our parent/carers for supporting us in ensuring that no jewellery is worn to school. If a child has pierced ears, we ask that small studs be worn. For PE sessions, earrings will need to be removed or covered in tape Plain wrist watches may be worn to school with children responsible for their safekeeping. Children in Years 3 and 4 are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. We appreciate that parents/carers of children in Year 5 and 6 who walk home on their own, often like them to have a phone with them. In such cases, phones should be handed in to a member of the class team at the start of the school day.


Lost property

Any property that we have been unable to find the owner of will be placed in our Lost Property boxes. These can be found inside the right hand door facing onto the Hobletts Road playground. Please do let us know if you need our help in locating any lost items. 
Thank you for helping us return any misplaced items by naming all items of uniform.