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This term our topic is The Vicious Vikings. We will be learning all about the Viking era in Britain, including where Vikings came from, why they invaded Britain and what they did when they came here. We will be studying the different gods that they worshipped and finding out about their lifestyles such as the food they ate. 


This week has been assessment week in Mathematics and English. Well done to everyone for all of your hard work this week!

 Next week in Mathematics we will be consolidating our learning. In English we will be writing a story about Christmas, based on the North Pole Ninjas story.




Values: Arya

Writing: Davine

Handwriting: Ismail

Maths: Zayn

Home Learning: Aaron & Kahlen


Well done to this week's brilliant stars!


What you need each day

Monday: PE Kit, Reading Record

Tuesday: PE Kit, Reading Record, Library Book

Wednesday: Reading Record, Home Learning Book (completed)

Thursday: Reading Record

Friday: Reading Record, Spelling Book, Home Learning Book (issued)



Home Learning


Red Book Task:

Year 5 - RE Home Learning

Date set: 7.12.18

Date due: 12.12.18

Christmas is celebrated in a variety of ways by people of all different backgrounds and cultures around the world. We would like you to research one particular country of your choosing to find out how they celebrate and compare it to how it is celebrated in the UK to see what is similar and different.

You may wish to find out:

On what particular day they have their celebrations

Special food and drink that is eaten

Traditions they that they have

Any other festivities that are different or similar to British traditions


You can present your findings in any way that you wish!

Here are some helpful website links that you may want to visit:



Extra Home Learning Activity: addition to the weekly home learning that will be sent home every Friday, there is also an optional home learning which will help to challenge and further deepen your understanding of a particular area of our topic that we are studying. The deadline for the homework will be the end of Autumn 1. There will be prizes and rewards for those that complete this home learning activity!

This term we are studying the Vikings. We would like you to complete an independent investigation into a particular part of the Vikings that interests you. This may be one of the following: Viking clothing, food, housing and settlements. It could also be about Viking settlers or raiders, how they travelled across the sea, where they came from and where abouts in Britain they migrated to, the jobs that men, women (and children!) did. Or it could be any other particular aspect of the Viking era that interests you!

You can present your learning in any way you wish, as a poster, as a fact file, as a powerpoint project etc. You may also wish to get creative and make a Viking longboat or a Viking settlement!

Here are some useful website links to help you with ideas and information:




Tested on 14.12.18

Key Spellings:











Challenge 1:





Challenge 2:






Challenge 3:










Times Tables:

Next week you will be tested on your 9x tables. Please try to learn them out of sequence to help you recall all the facts up to 12 x 9.




Please remember to read at least 5 times for next Friday. If you wish to complete the Challenge, you must read 7 times.

Autumn Term Curriculum Overview