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                                            FoHMS (Friends of Hobletts Manor Schools)


FoHMS is the parent/carer teacher association for both Hobletts Manor Junior School and Hobletts Manor Infant and Nursery School. As a parent/carer of a child attending a Hobletts School you are automatically a member of FoHMS and we warmly welcome you to join us at meetings and events.

FoHMS hold their annual general meeting early in the school year . This is when the organising committee is elected; new members are always welcome. Meetings are regularly held throughout the year the dates of which are advertised in the school's newsletters.

FoHMS runs several events throughout the year, which raise funds for both schools. These have in the past included a quiz night, pamper evening,  summer fairs and  discos. FoHMS have been able to support the purchase of such items as playground equipment and ipads for the children to use; items that  enhance opportunities for the children to learn and play. Items which the schools would struggle to afford without our support.


We would like to invite you to attend the Annual   General Meeting of our Families and School’s     Committee  on Wednesday 9th October at 2pm here in the Junior School.

Members of the current committee will host the event and we are keen to ensure that all families views, ideas and thoughts are captured.  As such, if you are unable to attend the meeting but do have any ideas, suggestions or are able to support in any way do let a member of  staff know,  or if more     convenient, pop a message to the committee via their Facebook page.  We look forward to seeing you on the 9th October and thank you for your continued support




Summer School Fete 2019

Many thanks to everyone for their support of this year’s Summer Fete. We are delighted to confirm that the event raised £1817.91 which is a great achievement 

The FoHMS Committee