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Leaders of Learning


Leaders of Learning 2019

This year has seen the launch of our Leaders of Learning initiative. Each Team across the school has four representatives, who meet  to discuss the impact of what we are doing. Meetings are planned half termly and provide an opportunity for the Leaders to share their thoughts on key aspects of our School Devel-opment Plan. 

We had a very productive first meeting in October, discussing actions related to our two priority targets, Personal Development, Behaviour & Attitudes to Learning and Quality of Education.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes to Learning

Our discussions surrounded the introduction of two new initiatives notably the launch of individual stretch targets and our team ‘What Went Well’ displays and Achievement Books.


Stretch Targets

At the start of the term, we talked about our comfort zone, stretch zone and panic zone, and how to learn most effectively we need to be in our stretch zone. We set ourselves stretch targets and these are displayed in classrooms.

‘We use them as our goals.’

‘They show that not everyone is perfect.’

‘They show everyone what you would like to do as an individual, who you are.’

‘They reminds us we need to be in our stretch zone to work things out.’

‘Reminds us that when we are in our stretch zone we will learn something new.’

Achievement Books

Each week, children have the opportunity to reflect and record what they have been proud of, these are then kept in class within an achievement book for the children to look back on

‘It makes you proud of what you have achieved.’

‘A reminder that you should be proud of what you have done.’

‘You know that you have done well and it makes you feel really good.’

‘Let’s you think back and remember your achievements.’

‘Shows how successful you can be.’


Quality of Education - Curriculum Books

Our Class Curriculum Books continue and we enjoyed sharing these during Family Consultations this week. These books illustrate the learning journey across the curriculum and are displayed within the classroom book areas for children to continue to enjoy.

‘It is everyone’s book. A place to share ideas, knowledge and creativity.’

‘It makes me think, if they can do it I can.’

‘It reminds you what you have learnt a long time ago.’

‘If you have been away, it shows what you missed out.’ ‘You can look through them and it helps you learn lots of things and go back and refresh your memory.’


As we move forward we are looking forward to our new badges and we will also be discussing what next!