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Welcome to Year 3 and Team Amber

Your new teachers are Miss Smith & Mr Scarborough

Your new teaching assistant is :

 Mrs Botha


This week in English, we wrote our own recount in the form of a diary entry. This week in Maths, we have been learning how to divide using counters including remainders. Next week in English, we are looking at cinquain poems and the features of the different poems. Next week in Maths, we are learning how to use doubling and halving in multiplication and learning how to halve a two digit number.  


Stars for this week.

Friday 17th January 2020

Values: Razvan for always giving one hundred percent in each lesson.

English: Alexis

Maths: Oscar

Curriculum: Josh

Home Learning: NA

Friendly leaves: Bethany

Ask me why stickers: NA



History Home Learning

Year 3 Project – Optional

Due 23rd March 2020


The Romans

This term we are studying the Romans.



You can choose one of these topics to research:


  • Roman Religion (gods and myths)
  • Roman Sports and Leisure (gladiators, competitions)
  • Roman Towns (e.g. houses and town planning)
  • Roman Homes (e.g. mosaics and food)
  • Roman Army (e.g. soldiers, road building)


1. You can visit the library and choose books that will give you some information on your topic or search the Internet.


2. Create a one page fact sheet that has pictures and facts written in sections. You can use a computer to make a PowerPoint presentation, or handwrite it and stick or draw pictures on.  Your work could be on A3 paper (no bigger than A3 and not on more than one page. If you don’t have A3 paper let us know!). You could of course make your project into a 3D design of a Roman town or soldier – use your imagination!!


As always, think carefully about your presentation. How should you set out your facts?  Where would your pictures look best?  Would a border make it look neat? Remember to include subheadings, a title and colour to make your fact sheet eye-catching.


Be creative and try your best!!!

On the other side are some websites

and hints that might help get you started!


Your project doesn’t have to just be written! Look at the some ideas below to help you come up with imaginative ideas about how you could make your project different from everyone else’s!


  • Roman Religion (gods and myths)

Can you make a fact-file about a Roman god, draw an illustration of them and explain how they might have influenced Roman life. You could also make a cartoon of the myth about a Roman god.


  • Roman Towns (e.g. houses and town planning)

Roman towns were extremely well planned, think about the different buildings found in Roman towns; baths, shops and houses, how could there be organised into a grid. Can you explain why each building was needed?


  • Roman Homes (e.g. mosaics and food)

Design a mosaic for Hoblett’s Manor Junior School and think about colour and shape, what patterns do you see around school that could influence the design? Could you design a menu to be eaten on Roman day, what foods did the Roman’s eat, and how was the food prepared?


  • Roman Army (e.g. soldiers, road building)

You could design your own armour for a Roman soldier, explaining what you would make it from, how much it would cost, and what decorations it would have on it. (This can also be linked to gods and myths).


Here are some website links that might help you with your project!


BBC Romans

Wide-ranging resource - activities, and games. From the BBC.


Roman Centurion

Dress the soldier and find out about his equipment along the way. KS2. From Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.


Bath Bubbles

Fun, fast game based on a visit to the Roman Baths, KS2. Basic level of prior knowledge needed. From Roman Baths Museum.


Roman Homes


Home Learning this week - Maths 


Date set - Friday 17th January 2020

Date due - Wednesday 22nd January 2020

This week your home learning is based on division and sharing an amount between groups.

Remember the first number in the division sum is how many you have got altogether and the second number is how many groups you are sharing between. There is a worksheet stuck in your red books with division questions. Remember to show your working. Attached is a copy of the different worksheets below. If you have any questions regarding your child's home learning then please come and speak to one of the Year 3 team.



 Please remember to read with your child a minimum of 5 times a week and sign their reading records. Remember it is 7 times a week for those completing the reading challenge. This half term, Team Amber will be aspiring to all complete the challenge! Reading Records will be checked on a Friday.   



Date set - Monday 13th January 

Date tested - Monday 27th January 














Grammar Terminology prompt sheet for families