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Citron 2021-2022

Welcome to Year 4 and Team Citron

Your teacher is Miss Palmer

Your teaching assistant is Mrs Pullen


We have had a great week of art! We started off looking at the ceramic artist, Clarice Cliff. We then went on to sketch our own story vases, in the style of the ancient Greeks. We made them out of clay and painted them, and displayed them in our classroom museum!


This week in English,  we have been looking at riddles. We really enjoyed exploring riddles at the start of the week, and ended with writing our own. It was great fun! Next week, we will be using our debating skills, and learning to write a discussion text in the form of a letter.


This week in Maths, we have been looking at analysing and presenting data. We made our own tally charts and bar charts to show the different colours of smarties we had. There were non left at the end!


Angel & Rubie




1. Kavi

2. Hana

3. Eshal

4. Mateo

5 Abigail

6. Arav

7. Tansy

8. Florence

9. Hollie

10. William



















Summer Optional Home Learning Task

The Ancient Greeks

Date due – 15th July 2022


During the summer term, Year 4's history topic will be the Ancient Greeks. To support your child's learning and understanding, we would like to invite you to take part in a home learning project. Here are some ideas you could do.


  • Create a leaflet for people visiting Greece including important information. Where is it? What is the weather like? What is the currency like? What is the language?
  • Find out about the clothes the Ancient Greeks wore. You could draw and label a picture showing a typical Ancient Greek outfit, or create one which you could wear!
  • Make a Spartan helmet or design a shield.
  • Create a Greek temple, like the Parthenon, using a range of materials.
  • Make a travel brochure about Ancient Greece Where would you travel to? Where would you stay? What could you do while you were there? Who would you recommend to visit? Use pictures with lots of facts and information.
  • Design your own Labyrinth. It could be made of straws, string or wood.
  • Research Greek food. How it is different to traditional English food? You could recreate your own Greek dish, and write a recipe for others to follow.
  • Create a fact file or poster about a Greek God. Make sure your poster is eye-catching and full of facts and information.
  • Turn a myth into a cartoon, for example, Theseus and the Minotaur. Use lots of speech bubbles.


We had some amazing home learning entries last term, exploring Ancient Egypt and are looking forward to seeing what you do this term!



WB: 20.6.22 Painting our Greek Story Vases...

WB: 20.6.22 Collecting data with smarties!

WB: 20.6.22 Making our Greek Story Vases...

WB: 20.6.22 More Friendly Leaves for the tree!

WB: 20.6.22 Designing our Greek story vases...

WB: 13.6.22 Our friendly leaves...

WB: 13.6.22 Sports Week - Archery, Dance and Yoga!

WB: 6.6.22 Our trip to the Hindu Temple...

WB: 23.5.22 Making String telephones...

WB: 23.5.22 Dance Workshop...

WB: 23.5.22 Fantastic Greek homework...

WB: 16.5.22 Rock Steady came to visit us today! Here is our band, Yellow Fox Spaghetti!

WB: 9.5.22 Our drumming workshop...

WB: 9.5.22 Experimenting with pitch in science!

WB: 2.5.22 Ere's our science work on how we hear sound!

WB: 2.5.22 Our friendly leaves...

WB: 2.5.22 It's vibrant day!

WB: 25.4.22 Fabulous Science homework...

WB:25.4.22 Making cards for someone special...

WB: 18.4.22 An Ancient Greek Timeline

WB: 28.3.22 Super gymnastics!

WB: 28.3.22 Excellent Egyptian homework...

WB: 28.3.22 Our Easter competition winners! Well done to everyone who entered.

WB: 28.3.22 This week, in RE, we made Langar plates.

WB: 28.3.22 Great things are going on at home!

WB: 21.3.22 Our Egyptian Pyramids!

WB: 21.3.22 Great home learning on the Egyptians this week!

WB: 21.3.22 Look what happened to our eggs! We left them in different liquids for 9 days to see what happened to the shells, as they are similar to the enamel on our teeth!

WB: 14.3.22 Science week: slime, spaghetti and marshmallows!

WB: 14.3.22 Ella made some great adverts at home, using skills from her English lessons!

WB: 14.3.22 Building Nests in Science week

WB: 7.3.22 Advertising our chocolate bars from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

WB: 7.3.22 Baking Egyptian Bread

WB: 7.3.22 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

WB: 28.2.22 World Book Day

WB: 21.2.22 Twos Tuesday!

WB:31.1.22 What a friendly bunch!

WB:31.1.22 Chinese New Year - The year of the Tiger

WB: 24.1.22 Writing inspirational quotes in PSHE

WB: 24.1.22 Amazing achievements in Team Citron this week.

WB 17.01.22- In DT we have explored different types of switches and how they work.

WB: 10.1.22 Gymnastics

Week beginning: 3.1.2022 Growth Mindset Drawing

WB 13.12.21 All ready to celebrate Christmas...

WB 06.12.21 Citron Highlight- In DT we have created our final pieces.

WB 29.11.21 Citron Highlight- In RE we created freeze frames for the Nativity story.

WB 22.11.21 Citron Highlights – This week, we were very proud of our writing.

WB 15.11.21 This week Hollie and Mateji in Year 4 received their medals for the cross country for placing in the cross country event.

WB 15.11.21 Citron Highlights- This week in DT we have explored how to make boxes from nets.

WB 15.11.21 Citron Highlights- This week for ‘It’s Cool to be Kind’ we have made cakes to give to another person as a kind gesture.

WB 08.11.21 Citron Highlights- This week in science we created fact files on endangered animals, and in history we have created wanted posters for the highwayman Robert Snooks.

WB 01.11.21 Citron Highlights- This week we have tried different foods for Diwali and had our first cornet lesson with Mr Eccles.

WB 18.10.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 11.10.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 27.09.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 20.09.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 13.09.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 06.09.21 Team Citron Highlights