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Hobletts Manor Junior School

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Citron 2023-2024

Welcome to Year 4 and Team Citron

Your teacher is Miss Palmer

Your teaching assistants are Miss Allwork, Miss Richards & Mrs Hajzeri


In English this week, we have been learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses. We researched our favourites and took part in some roleplay, and then wrote a school report about their behaviours and attitudes! We also listened to the Greek myth, 'Daedalus and Icarus' and thought synonyms, using a thesaurus, to describe the feelings of Daedalus. We used these feelings to create a comics strip to summarise the story. Next week, we will be using this work to write a diary entry. 


This week in Maths, we have been looking at Statistics. We have learnt that there are two types of data called discrete and continuous data and explored a range of different examples of each type, such as bar charts, tally charts and line graphs. We have learnt how to interpret different types of chart and answered comparison questions about them. We have also generated some data of our own all about our classes' eye colours and used a bar chart to display our findings. Next week we will continue to look at line charts and explore some more complex examples. We will also be looking at negative numbers: learning what they are, where they are found and how to count with them. 


In history and geography, we looked at when the ancient Greeks lived and found them on a timeline. We also used atlases to find Greece on a map of the world. We looked at the landscape of Greece and the location of seas and mountains, and thought about how the ancient Greeks would have travelled around the islands. 


In PSHE this week, we have been discussing how special relationships are important to us. We listed important friends and family relationships in our lives and discussed how some relationships maybe more important than others and listed the reasons why. In French, we started our new topic, 'Ordering food and drink in a French cafe.' We did some roleplay to practice this. 


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)


Please see the attachment below for details of our Optional Summer Home Learning all about the Ancient Greeks!

Ancient Greek Optional Home Learning, Summer Term 2024

Olivia H & Samuel

Arya & Teddy

Ari & Poppy

Aisha & Ashnee


Friendly Leaves

Teddy for helping a friend     Samuel & Daniel for being helpful


Half-termly Values award for Passion

Amelia, Gracie, Daniel, Hugo & Ari

Class percentage: 59%


Top times played:

X7: Sophie & Harry

X6: Olivia H


Top coins earned: 

Aksh 18,937 


Class top 10:

1. Aksh

2. Kayden

3. Olivia

4. Harry

5. Ashnee

6. Aisha

7. Eleanor

8. Sophie

9. Emma

10. Daniel


Olivia H










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Maths Games Challenge

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