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Hobletts Manor Junior School

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Citron 2022-2023

Welcome to Year 4 and Team Citron

Your teacher is Miss Palmer

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Pullen and Miss Blackwell


What a busy half term we have had in Team Citron! We have really enjoyed our learning across the         curriculum.


In History, we have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks. We have learnt who the Ancient Greeks were and why ancient Greece was split into different city-states. We really enjoyed learning about Alexander the Great, and we used a range of sources to support us in understand his             significance. We have also enjoyed learning that the first Olympic games held in Ancient Greece, and compared it to how the Olympics is run in the modern day.


In Science, we have been learning about sound, and have had a great time experimenting! We were fascinated to see the vibrations sound creates using rice on musical instruments. We have learnt about how sound travels, and how this works within our inner ears. We can identify the different parts of our inner ears and know all are important for us to be able to hear and identify the many sounds in the world. We have learnt about pitch and  created our own panpipes to explore this ourselves. We also  greatly enjoyed making our own string telephones to explore how sound travels from one cup to another.


Next half term, we will be creating vases inspired by the Ancient Greeks in Art. In Science, we will be learning about states of matter and as Geographers we will be  using maps to identify different countries in Europe and invisible lines on a map. We are looking forward to our visit to the Hindu temple in our first week back after half term. We can’t wait to get started, but first have a wonderful holiday!


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)


Optional Home Learning

The Ancient Greeks


Here are some examples of Ancient Greece home learning activities. You may have some other ideas too!

You could…

-find out about the clothes that the Ancient Greeks wore. You could draw and label a picture showing a typical Ancient Greek outfit, or create one, which you could wear!

-make a Spartan helmet or design a shield.

-design your own Labyrinth. It could be made of straws, string or wood.

-turn a myth into a cartoon, and use thought and speech bubbles to retell the story.


Summer Design Competition

Ryan & Grace

Evie, Arun & Noah

Iga & Chloe

Charlie & Emmie


Friendly Leaf



Half-termly Values Award for Summer 1 (Self-belief)

Firdaus, Hollie, Freya, Demi, Issaynae & Matus

1. Noah

2. John

3. Iga

4. Jack

5. Ryan

6. Mason

7. Demi

8. Lily

9. Arun

10. Emmie


Class percentage
























WB: 26.5.23 In science, we made our own telephones to see if the volume changed when we moved further away from each other...

WB: 15.5.23 Miss Palmer is one super-proud teacher! This week, team Citron have been focussing on finishing their Greek myths and presenting them. Look at this amazing handwriting...Well done to everyone!

WB: 8.5.23 Huge congratulations to Matus...

WB: 1.5.23 The King's Coronation...

WB: 1.5.23 Ear is our science!!! We have been learning all about the human ear and how it works. We made 3D models and talked about how sound travels through the different parts of our ears and to our brain.

WB: 24.4.23 In science, we have been learning about sound and vibrations. We used a drum with oats, and a tuning fork in water to imagine how sound waves work.

WB: 17.4.23 Maths - we have been looking at data. Today, we collected our own and created tables and line graphs to show how many times a ball bounced when being dropped from different heights.

WB: 17.4.23 We have started our topic on Ancient Greece. We identified where Greece is on the map and looked at the surrounding countries.

WB: 27.3.23 Optional Home Learning...

WB: 20.3.23 Our egg experiment results...

WB: 6.3.23 Science... Today we have been looking at our teeth and biting pieces of apple to identify teeth that cut, tear and chew food...

WB: 27.2.23 World Book Day

WB: 20.2.23 We had a lovely time playing with the maths games on Wednesday afternoon. Well done to Matus and Jack, and thank you for sharing your games with us.

WB: 30.1.23 PHSE We have been talking about being part of a team and took part in an activity where we relied on each other to achieve a goal...

WB: 30.1.12 Our learning in Geography...

WB: 23.1.23 A visiting author... Polly Owen

WB: 16.1.23 Investigating nightlights in Design Technology...

WB: 9.1.23 Investigating circuits in science

WB: 2.1.23 A new term of learning for Team Citron...

WB: 12.12.22 In RE this week, we made Christingles to celebrate Jesus as the light of the world...

WB: 21.11.22 Maths - we collected data and represented it in a tally chart and a bar chart.

WB: 14.11.22 Cool to be Kind week... We wore odd socks, thought about the feelings of others' and signed the 'Reach Out' pledge.

WB: 14.11.22 The sound of music... Today we have been learning to play Hot Cross Buns, Mary had a Little lamb and Baby Shark!

WB: 7.11.22 Homework and Friendly leaves...

WB: 7.11.22 In Science, we have been learning about food chains. We created our own for different habitats...

WB: 31.10.22 Maths - measuring, estimating and comparing mass and capacity...

WB: 17.10.22 Black History month - Reggie Laurent art

WB: 17.10.22 Cross Country Run! Well done to everyone who took part - you were all AMAZING!!!

WB: 10.10.22 What Team Citron have been doing at home...

WB: 10.10.22 Cornets...

WB: 3.10.22 Fabulous home achievements this week...extra home learning, sports and cooking!

WB:3.10.22 PSHE Role playing scenarios and thinking about rewards and consequences