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Hobletts Manor Junior School

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Citron 2023-2024

Welcome to Year 4 and Team Citron

Your teacher is Miss Palmer

Your teaching assistants are Miss Allwork, Miss Richards & Mrs Elson


This week in English, we started reading a new text called, 'Arthur and the Golden Rope.' We read the text and asked questions. Then we designed our own island and described three different places to help adventure seekers get through it. We focussed on the use of conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs. Next week, we will be starting to write our own adventure stories. We will be using descriptive language for characters and learn how to use speech punctuation accurately to show dialogue.


This week in Maths, we have been learning about perimeter.  We have revised the meaning of perimeter and learnt how to calculate the perimeters of a range of quadrilaterals. We have also tackled some word problems involving perimeter. For a challenge, we have looked at how to calculate the perimeter of shapes with missing lengths, including rectilinear shapes! Next week, we will be moving onto a new area all about shape. We will look at examples of parallel and perpendicular lines and learn how to identify them in a range of 2D shapes. We will also explore quadrilaterals and polygons and their properties. 


In science, we learnt about what an endangered animal is, and looked at examples of animals that are at risk. We talked about the impact on food chains and the reasons why their numbers are decreasing. Finally, we created a poster on an endangered animal, and discussed how we could help.


In PSHE this week we have been talking about how everyone is different and that we accept everyone as they are and for who they are. We all had an opportunity to speak and express our views and opinions. In French this week we have been continuing our learning about 'French Clothing' creating our own clothing for boys and girls and writing the French words to match. 


In history and geography, we learnt about the highwayman, James 'Robert' Snooks. He was the last man to be executed in England for highway robbery, on 11 March 1802. His grave is said to be in Boxmoor, close to where he robbed a post boy in 1801, and we looked at photos of his approximate resting spot. We talked about the location of the robbery and how the landscape has changed over time. 


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)


Optional Home Learning

Your optional homework this term is to research our local area, Hemel Hempstead.


You might want to think about:

  • How many people live in Hemel Hempstead?
  • When did Hemel Hempstead become a new town?
  • Where is Hemel Hempstead on a map? Can you draw a map of its location?
  • Are there any famous landmarks in Hemel Hempstead?
  • Do any famous people live in Hemel Hempstead?
  • Take pictures of our local area and label them.
  • What links are there to the Tudors?


You can present your research in any way you choose, for example a PowerPoint, a poster or a report. Enjoy learning new information about our local area. We look forward to seeing these before we break up for Christmas.

Zayan & Olivia

Sophie & AriSamuel & Rayyan

Ollie & Joseph


Friendly Leaves


Class percentage: 77%


Top times played: X5 Sophie, 

X6 Harry, X7 Kayden & Vinny


Top coins earned: Kayden (23,761)


Class top 10:

1. Kayden

2. Rayyan

3. Harry

4. Gracie-Jane

5. Ashnee

6. Hugo

7. Daniel

8. Vincent

9. Hithesh

10. Zayan



















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