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Citron 2021-2022

Welcome to Year 4 and Team Citron

Your new teacher is Miss Palmer

Your new teaching assistant is Mrs Pullen


Well done Team Citron for a brilliant week!


In English we have started to read ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin. We have focused on looking at the vocabulary in the book. We have used the thesaurus to help find synonyms for how to describe the weather which we have used in our writing of a weather report. Next week, we will be generating vocabulary to describe how Floella felt when she moved from Trinidad to England. We will be writing a first person recount and exploring how her feelings changed along the way.


In Maths, we have been exploring numbers and using dienes to make large numbers. After this we reminded ourselves what a cherry diagram is and how to partition 4-digit numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We ended the week comparing numbers using key vocabulary such as ‘larger than’ and ‘smaller than’ providing reasons for our answers. Next week we will be rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We will use rounding hill to help us do this.


This week we have had a visit from the Planetarium. We watched 2 short videos. The first, ‘Climate Change,’ will help us with our science topic where we are learning about Living things and their habitats later on in the term to see how animals are becoming endangered/extinct. The second video we watched was ‘We are Aliens.’ In this video, we learnt about the possibility of Alien life in space.


In Geography, we have started our topic on ‘Where we live- Hemel Hempstead’. We looked at the United Kingdom and how it is split into 4 different countries. We used the atlases to locate different cities throughout the UK. We then discussed the location of where Hemel Hempstead was on the map.


Stars of the Week

Writing: Eshal

Maths: Florence

Curriculum: Ella

Values: Rubie T

Optional Home Learning

WB 06.09.21 Team Citron Highlights

Citron 2020-21

WB 12.07.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 05.07.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 28.06.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 14.06.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 24.05.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 17.05.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 10.05.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 26.04.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 19.04.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 12.04.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 22.03.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 15.03.21 Team Citron PSHE Highlights

WB 15.03.21 Team Citron Science Highlights

WB 08.03.21 Team Citron Highlights

WB 01.03.21 Year 4 highlights. This week in maths we have looked at different co-ordinates and plotted different co-ordinates to make shapes as well as translating them.

WB 01.03.21 In English we have finished our explanation texts on how chocolate is made.

WB 01.03.21 In PSHE, we have been thinking about the roles people have in friendship groups and how we are all different.

WB 01.03.21 Feel Good Friday- World Book Day

WB 22.02.21 Year 4 highlights. This week in maths, we have looked at different types of angles; acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles.

WB 22.02.21 In English, we have started to look at explanation texts and started writing our own explanation text on how chocolate is made.

WB 22.02.21 In RE, we have been looking at how food is used in Sikh and Christian worship.

WB 22.02.21 'Feel Good' Friday. Here are some pictures of what Year 4 have been up to.

WB 08.02.21 Year 4 highlights. This week we have continued our history topic on the Ancient Egyptians and learnt who Tutankhamun was and why he was important. We have created fact files on him.

WB 08.02.21 In PSHE we have looked at how to contribute to a group and what it means to share success.

WB 08.02.21 In RE we thought about the positives and negatives of belonging to a faith group.

Year 4 Highlights WB01.02.21- This week in RE, we have been looking at the different symbols that religions use. We have created our own symbols for our own groups or clubs. In English, we have looked at The Borrowers and created a scene description for where they live.

Year 4 Highlights WB25.01.21

Year 4 Highlights WB18.01.21

Year 4 Highlights WB 11.01.21