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Cobalt 2022-23

Welcome to Year 4 and Team Cobalt

Your teacher is Miss Kelly

Your teaching assistant is Miss Allwork


This week in English, we have been exploring instructional writing. We have ordered the main stages of instructions for mummification and added important details, including the use of appropriate conjunctions, verbs and adverbs. Next week, we will be using the key features to write instructions for our science experiment. We will be including a title, equipment list and an introduction, and focusing on using adverbs of time, conjunctions, verbs and adverbs. 


In spelling lessons this week, we continued to look at words with prefixes and how words change when prefixes are added. We focussed on un- dis- mis- in- and auto-. Next week, we will be looking at how we break words down into syllables.


This week in Maths, we have been multiplying up to 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, using the formal written method. We will be using dienes to support our learning. Next week in Maths, we will be learning to use long division with no regrouping before moving on to learning how to regroup the hundreds and then then the tens. 


In history, we have been learning about the ancient Egyptians and how they used hieroglyphics to communicate. We started off with code-breaking and went on to create messages for our friends to solve. We also learnt about the Rosetta Stone and how it took 20 years to decode!


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)


Optional Home Learning

The Ancient Egyptians


Your optional home learning this term is to research the Ancient Egyptians.


You could find out about...

- The ancient pyramids of Giza

- Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

- The River Nile

- Egyptian artefacts

- How the Ancient Egyptians travelled

- Mummification!


You can present your research in any way you choose, for example a PowerPoint, a poster or a report.


Enjoy learning new information about The Ancient Egyptians. We look forward to seeing these before we break up for Easter, by Friday 24th March 2023.


Fabiha & Harry

Isla-Mae & Oscar

Eva A & Charlie

Summer & Alfie


  1. Logan
  2. Charlie
  3. Max
  4. Kamari
  5. Isla-Mae
  6. Andre
  7. Kai
  8. Jessica
  9. Fabiha
  10. Tye

Eva A









Eva W












WB 13.3.23- As part of Science week, we have been learning about fingerprints and have explored making our own fingerprints using chalk and pencils, and cello taping these on to paper.

WB 6.3.23- In English, we were very proud of our finished posters, advertising our tasty treat! Well done Team Cobalt!

WB 6.3.23- In Science, we used mirrors to explore our teeth, finding our incisors, canines and molars. Then, we investigated how they are all worked by biting our apples using our different teeth, we discovered how they all worked together to help us eat.

WB 27.2.23- We spent time reading in the library with our families on 'World Book Day'.

WB 27.2.23- In DT, we have been describing and taste testing figs, dates and sultanas to decide which ingredients we would like to include in our Egyptian bread this half term.

WB 20.02.23- We very much enjoyed flipping our pancakes this week!

WB 6.2.23- For 'Internet Safety Day' we role played a range of scenarios in our groups, and then discussed the advice we would give to the people in those situations, and what we would tell them to do.

WB 30.01.23- In DT, we have begun making the outer casing for our Ancient Egyptian night lights. We began paper macheting our balloons and will continue this process next week.

WB 16.01.23- This week in DT, we investigated a range of existing battery-powered nightlights.

WB 09.01.23- In Maths, we have used playing cards to create decimal numbers with our learning partners. We then used the more than or less than signs to write whether it was more or less than our learning partner's number.

WB 02.01.23- In History, we have learnt about Ancient Egypt, we looked at artefacts from that time. In groups, we discussed key questions about our artefacts, and came up to present to the rest of the class our ideas on what we thought it was, who we thought had it/used it and any questions we wanted to ask about it.

WB 12.12.22- In RE, we made Christingles, the children greatly enjoyed making them and learning what each part represented.

WB 5.12- In DT, we investigated gift boxes, exploring how they work, and how they are put together and taken apart. We explored the different sizes and shapes of the boxes to decide what we would like ours to look like when we design it.

WB 28.11- In Maths, we learnt how to find a missing side by building the shapes first using peg boards, then using the known information to find out a missing side.

WB 28.11- In English, we learnt how to sort verbs into a Venn diagram based on whether it meant moving quickly or slowly.

WB 21.11.22- We matched French numbers to pictures representing that amount.

WB 14.11- We enjoyed a PSHE lesson on 'Bullying', we explored the feelings of someone being bullied and learnt how to help them.

WB 14.11- Cool to be kind (Odd sock day)

WB 14.11- We enjoyed a 'World Cup' dance workshop on the country Poland!

WB 07.11- We enjoyed playing our cornets this week in Music.

WB 07.11.22- We practised telling the time, using our own clocks. Well done Team Cobalt!

Team Cobalt Highlights WB 03.10.22