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Cobalt 2023-2024

Welcome to Year 4 and Team Cobalt

Your teacher is Mrs Holman & Mrs Bonner

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Pullen & Ms Rogers


We have had a very busy half term in year 4!


In History and Geography, we have been looking at artefacts left behind by the ancient Egyptians. We talked about what they could have been used for and how they are similar to products we use today. We then looked at ancient Egyptian life and how the Egyptians lived. We explored how they farmed, how they built houses and how they made things like jewellery and household items. We then went on to learn about the river Nile and why it was so important to the ancient Egyptians. This information was very useful when we wrote our non-chronological reports in English.


In Design Technology, we have been making our own nightlights. We started the topic by investigating a range of different lights. We really enjoyed looking at the different designs and exploring how they work, including the different ways to turn them on and off. We then designed and made our own, using the ancient Egyptians for inspiration, and evaluated them against our initial design criteria. We really enjoyed using tissue paper and PVA glue to create our lights, then adding detail with Egyptian images.


Our DT topic has linked very well to our science topic this half term. In Science, we have been learning all about electricity. We have been learning about how electricity works, conductors and insulators and investigating the way in which circuits work. We experimented with different materials, and included a switch into our circuits as well. We really enjoyed seeing our lightbulbs light up when our circuit was complete.


Wishing everyone a lovely, relaxing half term holiday! 


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)


Ancient Egyptians Optional Home Learning


During the spring term, year four will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians. To support your child's learning and understanding of the topic, we would like to invite you and your child to take part in a home learning project. You could choose one of the following categories to look into:


-Find out about the pyramids and how they were built

-Research gods and goddesses/pharaohs and queens

-Look at the river Nile and its importance to the ancient Egyptians

-Make some ancient Egyptian jewellery/accessories

-Find out about Tutankhamun


Be as creative as you like when completing your work. You could present your work in the following ways:

-A mind map or poster

-A PowerPoint presentation

-Make a model

-A report or information leaflet

-A poem


We look forward to seeing what you have found out. We will look forward to seeing completed homework before the Easter holidays.

Enjoy learning about the ancient Egyptians!

Maths Games Challenge

Friendly Leaf goes to Marc - for being a supportive friend and kindly celebrating the success of other people. 

Bella and Alma






Marc & Zoe

Lily-May and Buddy

Adam and Chase




Read 7 times 


Top Ten Rockers


5 times


7 times












































1. Georgia

2. Teddy

3. Leticia

4. Lucas

5. Nancy

6. Zoe

7. Tilly

8. Dylan

9. Lavelle

10. Skyla




































Leticia (6)



















VR Workshop - 16.2.24

Home Learning Spring Term 1

15.1.24 - Science - looking at circuits

11.1.24 - PSHE Roleplay

8.12.23 - D.T - Finished Christmas boxes and making paper chains!

20.11.23 - DT designing Christmas boxes!

Children In Need - Guess the smarties on the cake winners!

6.11.23 - Measuring in Maths!

19.10.23 - Reading speeches aloud in English.

13.10.23 - Celebration Certificates this week!

5.10.23 - Team building in PSHE

WB: 18.9.23 - Music - First Cornets lesson!

WB - 11.9.23 Science - Sorting Vertebrates

WB: 18.9.23 Geography - Learning about how to name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom using a map.

Sonny made a sock puppet at home and spoke about it in class, he was very proud of his achievement!