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Cobalt 2021-22

Welcome to Year 4 and Team Cobalt

Your new teacher is Miss Hartill

Your new teaching assistants are:

 Mrs Stretton and Mrs Botha


Well done Team Cobalt for a brilliant week.


This week in English, we have continued looking at the short video ‘The Present’. We have written up the whole short story making sure we have used paragraphs, prepositions, expanded noun phrases, dialogue and conjunctions. Next week, we will start looking at how vocabulary is used in poetry.


This week in maths, we have been revising the formal methods for multiplication and division. We started the week using the formal method for multiplication while extracting the correct information from the word problems. We also have revised how to use the bus stop method for division. Next week we will continue to look at the bus stop method for division and will revise key concepts we have done so far in Year 4.


In science this week, we have been exploring what an insulator and conductor is. We tested different materials within a circuit to see if electricity would move through it for it to be a conductor. We made predictions before we tested the different items to see if we thought they would be insulators or conductors.


In history, we used computers to conduct our own research on the ancient Egyptians. Our focus was to find out about everyday life in ancient Egypt. As a class, we discussed what we might try to research about this topic. We thought it would be good to research about school, homes, transportation, pets, clothing and jewellery. We then collated our research into fact files about everyday life in ancient Egypt. 







1. Sam

2. Zac

3. William

4. Matej

5. Freddie

6. Fetcher

7. Eliot

8. Eshana

9. Ruby

10. Poppy

Poppy, Amelia, Ruby,

Chloe, Tristan, Angel,

Eliot, Abeed, Molly,

Aleesa, Ayushi, Mila

Jamie, Evie, Freddie,

Eshana, Matej, Zac,

Fletcher, William, Tia,

Huma, Kiera


Spring Optional Home Learning Task

The Ancient Egyptians

Date due – 25th March 2022


During the spring term, Year 4's history topic will be the Ancient Egyptians. To support your child's learning and understanding, we would like to invite you to take part in a home learning project. You could choose one of the following categories:


· Research the Ancient Egyptians and use what you find out to create a fact file.

· During the Ancient Egyptian period, they made pyramids to bury Pharaohs. You could research what they looked like inside. Be as creative and imaginative as you like! Maybe you could build your own 3D pyramid.

· The Ancient Egyptians used the River Nile for many reasons. You could research the different ways they used the River Nile and create an information book.

· You could research and design your own Ancient Egyptian house.

· Ancient Egyptian people made necklaces, pendants and bracelets. You could make your own piece of jewellery.

· Tutankhamun is the most remembered Pharaoh. You could find out why and have a go at recreating his famous mask. 


We had home amazing homework entries last term, exploring our local area, Hemel Hempstead. We look forward to seeing more this time! Get creative!

WB 17.01.22 Cobalt Highlight- This week in RE we have started to look at Sikhism and learned who Guru Nanak was.

WB 10.01.22 Cobalt Highlight- This week in history we have started looking at the ancient Egyptians.

WB 13.12.21 Cobalt Highlight- This week in English we have explored different types of poems. Here are our Christmas haikus.

WB 06.12.21 Cobalt Highlight- In DT we have created our final pieces.

WB 29.11.21 Cobalt Highlight- In RE we created freeze frames for the Nativity story.

WB 22.11.21 Cobalt Highlights- This week in DT we have used box nets to make a box.

WB 15.11.21 This week Hollie and Mateji in Year 4 received their medals for the cross country for placing in the cross country event.

WB 15.11.21 Cobalt Highlights- This week for ‘It’s Cool to be Kind’ we have made cakes to give to another person as a kind gesture.

WB 15.11.21 Cobalt Highlights- This week in PE we have practiced our hockey dribbling skills.

WB 08.11.21 Cobalt Highlights- This week in science we created fact files on endangered animals, and in history we have created wanted posters for the highwayman Robert Snooks.

WB 01.11.21 Cobalt Highlights- This week we have tried different foods for Diwali and had our first cornet lesson with Mr Eccles.

WB 18.10.21 Team Cobalt Highlights

WB 11.10.21 Team Cobalt Highlights

WB 04.10.21 Team Cobalt Highlights

WB 27.09.21 Team Cobalt Highlights

WB 20.09.21 Team Cobalt Highlights

WB 13.09.21 Team Cobalt Highlights