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Hobletts Manor Junior School

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Saffron 2022-23

Welcome to Year 5 and Team Saffron

Your teacher is Miss Smith

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Botha and Miss Routledge

This week in English, we have been writing our own story, based on our class book - 'The Wolves in the wall'. We focused on different sentence constructions to create interest - some single clause, some multi-clause.

Next week, we will be looking at a range of instructions and identifying key features which we will then use in our own writing. Our spelling focus for next week will be homophones. 


This week in Maths, we started looking at fractions. We revisited equivalence before moving on to converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and then mixed numbers to improper fractions. Next week, we will be continuing our learning on fractions and will be learning how to compare and order fractions by converting mixed numbers into improper fractions before comparing.


This week as part of our PSHE lesson, we carried out a P4C activity based on fairness discussing and answering the question - Is it fair that everyone gets treating the same in class?


This week in History, we we have been identifying the religious beliefs of the early Anglo Saxons in Britain and did some fun role play. In French this week, we have been looking at objects within the classroom and answering some questions in French to see which objects we have. 


This week in Science, we have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes. We learn't that some changes are reversible and some are irreversible. We then looked at the process involved in the water cycle and created the water cycle ourselves using ice cubes, warm water and clingfilm. We then observed what happened. 


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)

Optional Home Learning Year 5 Autumn Term

Autumn 2 2022 - Maths Challenge (Optional Home Learning) - Make your own Maths Game!

Well done to our weekly stars:









Ruby R and Eshal




Zac and Hana





Freddie and Eliot




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Rubie T




Ruby R





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WB 28.11.22 - Art! Designing our own Anglo Saxon Jewellery!

WB 28.11.22 - History - This week we have been identifying religious beliefs of the early Anglo Saxons in Britain and did some fun role play.

WB 28.11.22 - Maths. This week in Maths we have been looking at converting fractions!

WB 28.11.22 - Science! Looking at reversible and irreversible changes.

WB 21.11.22 - Signing the outreach pledge!

WB 21.11.22 - English - Planning our own stories based on the book - 'The Wolves In The Walls'

WB 21.11.22 - PSHE - Just talk week - Learning about diversity. Making clay models of rabbits!

WB 14.11.22 - Children in Need Day! Look at our amazing costumes!

WB 14.11.22 - Science - Famous inventions!

WB 14.11.22 - World Cup Dance Workshop!

WB 14.11.22 - Maths - Using counters for short division!

WB 04.11.22 - English - This week we have been writing a Cinquain poem based on Remembrance day!

WB 04.11.22 - History - This week in History, we have been looking at artefacts from the time of the Anglo Saxons.

WB 04.11.22 - RE - This week in RE, we looked at the Jewish belief of recognising the good and being thankful for what we have.

WB 04.11.22 - This week in Art we have been evaluating Anglo Saxon Jewellery. We looked at a range of different broches before picking which four were our favourite and explaining why.

WB 31.10.22 - English! Writing our alternative endings for 'The Boy In The Tower'

WB 31.10.22 - Science - Which tissue could hold the most weight? Our Investigation....

WB 31.10.22 - French! Naming school equipment and playing snap in pairs!

Team Saffron Highlights WB 03.10.22

Year 3/4 and 5/6 Key Word Spellings