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Saffron 2023-24

Welcome to Year 5 and Team Saffron

Your teacher is Miss Smith

Your teaching assistant is Mrs Archer & Mrs Brewster



How lovely to see everyone back, raring and ready to go for lots of learning in the Summer Term!

This week in Maths we have been revising our multiplication and division skills. We then solved some division word problems and thought about whether the answer (with remainders) needed to be rounded up or rounded down according to the context of the question. In English, we read a new class book called Cloud Tea Monkeys. We gathered descriptive language from the text, which might be useful to us later in the Unit, as we prepare our own writing. We also created some sentences to engage the reader by changing the order of the clauses and we used some expanded noun phrases to add detail.


In Geography this week, we started our new topic of Enchanting Earth and learnt all about biomes around the world. We used the keys in maps to identify the biomes and climates in different countries around the world. In PSHE, we thought about our own positive personal qualities and what makes us all so amazing. In French, we used our language detective skills to work out the meaning of some sentences with food, days and numbers. We also looked at how the word ’some’ changes depending on if the noun after it is feminine, masculine or plural. In Computing, we had fun playing and evaluating some computer games as part of our Game Creator Unit and in Music this week, we began our new unit learning the cornets.


Next week in Maths we will be solving lots of word problems. We will identify the calculation needed to solve each problem and the most appropriate method to use. In English, we will continue our work based on the book ‘Cloud Tea Monkeys’ and we will be writing some descriptive paragraphs using expanded noun phrases and a range of fronted adverbials.



  Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)


Your optional home learning this term is related to our topic about Enchanting Earth.

 In class, we will be learning about rivers, mountains,

earthquakes and volcanoes

You might like to research lots of different rivers around the world or just focus on one river or you might want to research mountains or do a combination of rivers and mountains. You might like to research how earthquakes or volcanoes work or their devastating impact on humans. It is entirely up to you!

Things to think about:

  • Which countries do the rivers flow through? What wildlife can be found in and around the river? How much water flows through the river? Where is the source and mouth of the river? How is the river used by humans or how has it be used in the past? What can you find out about our local rivers or canals?
  • How are mountains formed? How high is your chosen mountain? What plants or wildlife can be found on the mountain? How is the mountain used by humans?

You could create a poster, information booklet, PowerPoint presentation, a model, a video (Newsround style).




Kian and Zac

Charlie B and Ryan


Harper and Max


Layla and Lily



Kian and Eva-Mai


Top Ten Rockers       Challenge x 7          Rocking x 5

1. Noah

2. Lexie

3. Charlie

4. Lily

5. Evie

6. Emmie

7. Ryan

8. Tye

9. Demi

10. Mark









Charlie B








Charlie E


Maths Challenge 2023

Optional Home Learning Summer Term

WB 15.04.24 - Music

WB 25.03.24 - Science. This week in Science, we have been learning about Pulleys and Gears. We worked in groups to build our own pulleys and investigated gears.

WB 18.03.24 - Viking houses.

WB 18.03.24 - PSHE.

WB 11.03.24 - Science Week 'Time'. This week for Science week, we carried out an investigation to see if different fruits effect how long it takes for a Jelly to set.

WB 04.03.24 - Science - we have been understanding and investigating the effects of friction. We planned and carried out an investigation in groups answering the question - how does friction affect the force needed to move a shoe across different surfaces?

WB 26.02.24 - This week in Rugby we have been learning a range of different kicks. We worked in groups to practice the different kicks and played a game at the end of the lesson putting what we have learnt into practice.

WB 12.02.24 - VR workshop - Today, Team Saffron took part in a VR workshop learning about Volcanos. It was so much fun!

WB 12.02.24 - Maths - This week in Maths we have been investigating cube numbers. We have also been finding the volume of cuboids. We had so much fun building cubes and cuboids with numicon.

WB 05.02.24 - Science! This week, we have been learning that water resistance is a force that pushes against a moving object to slow it down. We investigated which shape would drop in the water the quickest and why thinking about the surface area.

WB 05.02.24 - Maths - This week in Maths, we have been learning how to calculate the area of different shapes and objects. We started the week by drawing around our hands and feet and calculating the area.

WB 29.01.24 - Maths. After learning how to convert measure between a smaller and larger unit, we worked in groups to complete some loop cards based on converting measure. It was so much fun!

WB 29.01.24 - PSHE!

WB 22.01.24 - This week in Science, we have been learning about air resistance and investigated how we could protect a falling egg by building a parachute with a big surface area so it has more air resistance. Did we protect the egg?

WB 15.01.24 - This week, Year 5 participated in a NSPCC workshop learning about speaking out and staying safe.

WB 15.01.24 - PSHE! Job professions.

WB 15.01.24 - PE. This week in PE, Team Saffron have been working hard learning new skills in both gymnastics and trampolining!

WB 08.01.24 - Science

WB 11.12.23 - PE.

WB 04.12.23 - Christmas Jumper Day. Today we have enjoyed coming to school in our Christmas jumpers and having Christmas dinner together!

WB 04.12.23 - More of our amazing cooking. This week, Team Saffron have continued cooking a carrot and coriander soup. It was so much fun!

WB 27.11.23 - Cooking. This week, Team Saffron have started cooking in small groups making a carrot and coriander soup as part of our design and technology lessons.

WB 27.11.23 - History. This week in History, we have been looking at the religious beliefs and practices of the early Anglo Saxons. We then created a role-play to show some of the religious beliefs of the Anglo Saxons.

WB 13.11.23 - Look at our 'spotacular' fashion as we supported Children In Need.

WB 13.11.23 - As part as 'Cool to be Kind week' and PSHE, we really enjoyed taking part in 'Positive Noticing' day' on Wednesday, remembering the power of positivity and kind words on how we and others feel.

WB 13.11.23 - Science - In Science this week, we have been investigating different materials to identify which would make the best thermal insulator.

WB 13.11.23 - Maths.

WB 06.11.23 - Our trip to the Anglo Saxon village - West Stow. We had lots of fun looking at a range of Anglo Saxon houses in the village and also looking at a range of artefacts. We have learnt a lot of new facts and had so much fun.

WB 06.11.23 - Art - This week in Art, we made our final pieces of Anglo Saxon Jewellery using an embossing technique and then decorated our pieces with coloured pens and gems.

WB 30.10.23 - History.

WB 16.10.23 - Today we wore the colour red to show Racism the Red Card!

WB 16.10.23 - Look at Lily's amazing Anglo Saxon home learning. Lily made an Anglo Saxon home using cardboard and straw for the roof. She produced a brilliant fact file which included lots of questions and answers. Well done Lily. It's amazing!

WB 16.10.23 - Computing.

WB 09.10.23 - History

WB 09.10.12 - Art - This week in Art, we have been exploring using different embossing techniques with foil. We had lots of fun and are looking forward to drawing our final designs next week.

WB 02.10.23 - Science. This week in Science we have been testing different materials and their properties. We have been investigating which materials are waterproof, transparent, flexible and permeable and discussing why it is important to know the properties of materials.

WB 25.09.23 - Art.

WB 18.09.23 - Science. This week, we have been carrying out an investigation to find out if the temperature of water affects how quickly salt dissolved. We found out that salt dissolves quicker in warmer water.

WB 11.09.23 - Science.

WB 11.09.23 - Retune Workshop

WB 04.09.23 - Design and Technology.

WB 04.09.23 - PSHE.

Year 3/4 and 5/6 Key Word Spellings