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Saffron 2022-23

Welcome to Year 5 and Team Saffron

Your teacher is Miss Smith

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Botha and Miss Routledge



What a busy half term we’ve had!


In Science this half term we have found out that Earth spins on its own axis to create day and night and orbits the sun in 365 days. We also learnt that the Earth, moon and sun are all roughly spherical and that the sun is just a regular dwarf star! In Design and Technology, we took part in the K’Nex Challenge, designing and building cranes to lift a heavy weight.


As Geographers we have been finding out about the features of rivers and learnt that the erosion that rivers cause, changes the shape of the landscape. In RE, we have looked at authority figures and discussed who these could be at home, in school and in the wider community. In PSHE we discussed Relationships, both with friends in school and on the Internet and we watched some interesting videos that have taught us to really think carefully about the dangers of the Internet and what information we share about ourselves.


 In French, we learnt the names of some items of clothing and how to use adjectives of colour and size to describe them.


Have a wonderful half term everyone!


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)



The optional home learning task for this term is related to our topic 'Enchanting Earth'.

 In class, we will be learning about rivers, mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes.

You might like to research lots of different rivers around the world or just focus on one river or you might want to research mountains or do a combination of rivers and mountains. You might like to research how earthquakes or volcanoes work or their devastating impact on humans. It is entirely up to you!

Things to think about:

  • Which countries do the rivers flow through? What wildlife can be found in and around the river? How much water flows through the river? Where is the source and mouth of the river? How is the river used by humans or how has it be used in the past? What can you find out about our local rivers or canals?
  • How are mountains formed? How high is your chosen mountain? What plants or wildlife can be found on the mountain? How is the mountain used by humans?

You could create a poster, information booklet, PowerPoint presentation, a model, a video (Newsround style).

Well done to our half-termly award winners for self-belief:

Sam, Humza, Tia, Evelyn - Rose, William


Well done to our weekly stars:









Freddie & Tansy


Arav & Rocco



Humza & Sam


Kavi and Keira





1. William

2. Kavi

3. Arav

4. Fletcher

5. Sam

6. Thomas

7. Zac

8. Bahar

9. Freddie

10. Rubie






Evie H














Rubie T




WB 22.05.23 - Our trip to Waddesdon Manor! We had a brilliant time on our school trip looking at a range of different trees and learning the type of tree. We got to know the tree and measured a range of trees.

WB 15.05.23 - RE

WB 15.05.23 - Maths

WB 08.05.23 - Maths.

WB 08.05.23 - PSHE.

Highlights of the Week (Wb 02.05.23)

WB 24.04.23

WB 27.03.23 - Design and Technology

WB 27.03.23 - Science

WB 20.03.23 - PSHE

WB 20.03.23 - Design and Technology.

WB 13.03.23 - PSHE!

WB 13.03.23 - Design and Technology. This week in DT, we used our pieces of wood that we cut last week to build our structure of our Viking Houses. It was so much fun.

WB 13.03.23 - Science Week!

WB 06.03.23 - Science - Investigating Friction

WB 06.03.23 - DT

WB 27.02.23 Highlights of the Week

WB 20.02.23 - PSHE - We have been looking at the effects of smoking on the body and the different organs within it.

WB 20.02.23 - Computing!

WB 20.02.23 - This week in RE, we have been looking at what Lent is, what happens during this period and explored some of the items given up by Christians during this period of time before Easter. We even had the opportunity to take part in a pancake flipping contest on Shrove Tuesday!

WB 06.02.23 - Art - Final pieces inspired by Daniel Mackie!

WB 06.02.23 - Maths

WB 06.02.23 - Safer Internet Day

WB 30.01.23 - Art

WB 30.01.23 - Science - This week in Science, we have been investigating air resistance and how air resistance protects a falling egg. We made a parachute and put an egg in a cup, dropped it to the floor and watched the effects of air resistance protect the egg. We also discussed how we could make a bigger and smaller parachute. It was lots of fun!

WB 23.01.23 - RE.

WB 23.01.23 - Maths

WB 23.01.23 - Science - Looking at the effects of gravity and air resistance. This week, we carried out an investigation to see if spinners of different sizes when dropped at the same time would drop at the same speed. We saw the larger spinner taking longer to fall due to having more air resistance because of the larger surface area.

WB 16.01.23 - Art.

WB 16.01.23 - Reading - Varjak Paw

WB 16.01.23 - Science - Gravity! This week in Science, we have been looking at the effects of gravity has on objects and how gravity was discovered. We then measured the force of gravity by measuring the weight and mass of different objects using a Newton metre!

WB 09.01.23 - Science - Understanding Forces!

WB 09.01.23 - Computing - Understanding spreadsheets.

WB 09.01.23 - English - This week in English, we have been looking at a new book 'Monsterology' and writing some multi-clause sentences with conjunctions using facts from the book.

WB 05.01.23 - History - Researching the Vikings!

WB 05.01.23 - Art - Comparing different artists.

WB 12.12.22 - Look at some of our amazing work from this term for both Science (Changes of Materials) and our topic - Anglo Saxons! We have enjoyed learning lots of new facts and participating in lots of fun investigations!

WB 12.12.22 - Maths.

WB 12.12.22 - English!

WB - 05.12.22 - This week, we enjoyed our Christmas Dinner where we sat with our team and listened to Christmas music! We had fun!

WB 05.12.22 - Art!

WB 05.12.22 - Science - Learning about reversible and irreversible changes!

WB 05.12.22 - PE. This week in PE, we played a game with balloons where we couldn't let the balloon touch the ground. To make it harder, there were obstacles in the way which we tried not to knock over!

WB 05.12.22 - PSHE!

WB 05.12.22 - English - This week in English, we have been identifying key features of instructional texts.

WB 28.11.22 - Art! Designing our own Anglo Saxon Jewellery!

WB 28.11.22 - History - This week we have been identifying religious beliefs of the early Anglo Saxons in Britain and did some fun role play.

WB 28.11.22 - Maths. This week in Maths we have been looking at converting fractions!

WB 28.11.22 - Science! Looking at reversible and irreversible changes.

WB 21.11.22 - Signing the outreach pledge!

WB 21.11.22 - English - Planning our own stories based on the book - 'The Wolves In The Walls'

WB 21.11.22 - PSHE - Just talk week - Learning about diversity. Making clay models of rabbits!

WB 14.11.22 - Children in Need Day! Look at our amazing costumes!

WB 14.11.22 - Science - Famous inventions!

WB 14.11.22 - World Cup Dance Workshop!

WB 14.11.22 - Maths - Using counters for short division!

WB 04.11.22 - English - This week we have been writing a Cinquain poem based on Remembrance day!

WB 04.11.22 - History - This week in History, we have been looking at artefacts from the time of the Anglo Saxons.

WB 04.11.22 - RE - This week in RE, we looked at the Jewish belief of recognising the good and being thankful for what we have.

WB 04.11.22 - This week in Art we have been evaluating Anglo Saxon Jewellery. We looked at a range of different broches before picking which four were our favourite and explaining why.

WB 31.10.22 - English! Writing our alternative endings for 'The Boy In The Tower'

WB 31.10.22 - Science - Which tissue could hold the most weight? Our Investigation....

WB 31.10.22 - French! Naming school equipment and playing snap in pairs!

Team Saffron Highlights WB 03.10.22

Optional Home Learning Activity Summer Term

Year 3/4 and 5/6 Key Word Spellings