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Saffron 2021-22

Welcome to Year 5 and Team Saffron

Your teacher is Mrs Dyer/Mrs Foster

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Buck and Miss Routledge


This week in Maths we have revised the properties of shape. We drew regular polygons, measuring the angles with a protractor, and calculated the perimeter and area of rectangles. We then solved problems of missing numbers. In English, we finished our traditional story writing and we completed some reading comprehensions.

In Science this week, we learnt about the lifecycle of humans, identifying the developmental changes at each stage of the lifecycle. We also discussed why human babies are so unable to do anything for themselves compared to other mammal babies. In Geography, we used atlases to locate mountain ranges in Europe and used the symbols in the atlas to identify the highest points within those mountain ranges.  We also looked at how contour lines on a topographic map tell us the height of the land. In RE we looked at the ultimate question, ’How did we get here?’’ and researched creation stories from a range of religions. In Computing this week, we took part in a fun workshop where the children learnt to programme  some toy vehicles to make them follow their instructions.

Next week in Maths we will continue to look at the properties of shape and in English we will begin to look at our new class book, Macbeth!

Have a great weekend.







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1. Oscar

2. Chaniru

3. Riley

4. Harry

5. Deanay

6. Grace

7. David

8. Jack

9. Maxwell

10. Charlie







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Optional Summer Home Learning Task - Rivers & Mountains

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