Hobletts Manor Junior School

Hobletts Manor Junior School

Learning and Achieving Together


Welcome to Year 6 and Team Topaz!

 Your Classteacher is Mrs Boulder.

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Sides, Ms Routledge and Mr Steedon.



We have had a very busy week in Topaz Class! We have been learning about algebra in Maths - how to collect like terms, express a sequence algebraically and how to substitute values into an algebraic equation. In English, we finished our rainforest creature reports and wrote an autobiographical story about being lost in the rainforest. We have also worked really hard to finish our rainforest cushions - see the pictures below!


Next term, we will be starting our new topics of 'The Aztecs and 'The Human Body!' 


We hope you have a happy and restful break and we look forward to seeing you in the Summer Term.



Congratulations to this Week's Stars and Top Ten Rockers!







Ethan and Oliver

Harry, Lewis, Daisy and James


Ethan, Frankie, Adam and Lacey Adam, Rohan, Daisy, Oliver, Tommy, Dylan, Lewis, James, Danny and Sophie

wc 22.03.21 Lucas - winner of the spoon competition!

wc 22.03.21 Rainforest Cushions!

WC 15.03.21 Computing this week!

WC 15.03.21 Improving our map reading and orienteering skills as Geographers!

This week's Maths poster winners! Properties of Triangles!

This week, we learnt how fossils are made! We learnt about the 'mold & cast' process.

World Book Day 5th March 2021 - Year 6 in their amazing costumes!

'Feel Good' Friday - what is the tallest tower you make with 10 pieces of card and no sellotape? Well done to Katie, Megan & Millie for making a tower that was 98cm tall! Amazing!

wc 22.02.21 This week in Science, we have learnt about the evolution of the peppered moth!

WC 08.02.21 This week's revision poster was about triangles - here are our final posters of the week and this week's winners!

wc 08.02.21 This week in Maths, we have been interpreting data in pictograms, bar charts and line charts. Here we are drawing lines to answer questions about different line charts!

WC 08.02.21 This week has included Safer Internet Day. During PSHE, we have considered the many different ways in which we use the internet and completed a task to show our digital footprint.

WC 08.02.21 We also completed our Amazon Rainforest in a shoebox projects! Take a look at our beautiful work!

This week's science: classification keys to sort organisms!

Investigating Volume - making cubes! This week we have been finding out what volume is and how to calculate it! In this lesson, we made 1cm cubes then used them to make bigger cubes, counting how many were needed!

This week, our Maths revision poster was about quadrilaterals! Here are this week's winning posters! Well done!

Science: classifying vertebrate groups!

Maths Triangle Posters - this week's winners! Well done!

PSHE: This week we researched charities - what they do and who they do it for!

Highlights of the week! Here we are during Science, sorting microorganisms into the categories of helpful and harmful.

Highlights of the week! In RE, we learnt how to perform the 'Cham' - a Buddhist dance created by monks!

Highlights of the week! PSHE - freeze framing the learning pit. How it feels falling in, at the bottom and the achievement of making it out!

WB 11.01.21 Highlights of the Week! This week in Maths, we have explored 3D shapes and their properties. Take a look at the fantastic range of shapes we have made from nets!

WB 11.01.21 Highlights of the Week! In Science, we have learnt about Carl Linnaeus and the grouping system he invented for living things. We made some brilliant posters to show our knowledge!

WB 04.01.21 Highlights of the Week! This week in RE we have looked at 4 stories from Buddhism and Christianity and looked at the messages behind the stories.

WB 4.1.21: Highlights of the Week! In Maths, we have been investigating quadrilaterals. We drew and cut out parallelograms to check if they do have a line of symmetry and as a challenge, tried to make as many different quadrilaterals as we could be joining the dots around the circle.

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