Hobletts Manor Junior School

Hobletts Manor Junior School

Learning and Achieving Together


Welcome to Year 6 and Team Topaz!

 Your Classteacher is Mrs Boulder.

Your teaching assistant is Mrs Sides.

What a strange and unusual week it has been in Team Topaz this week and we have certainly missed seeing you all in school.  


In Maths, we have been looking at perimeter and area and have learnt how to calculate the area of various 2D shapes, including rectangles, triangles and parallelograms. In addition, we have also revisited some key strategies for the arithmetic test and recorded them on our revision strategy sheets.  

In English, we have written some exciting adventure stories all about being stranded in the Rainforest!  

Across the curriculum, we have explored what good learners look like and learnt about the concept of the 'learning pit' which shows the various stages of learning. In Science, we have learned the terms 'vertebrates' and 'invertebrates' and explored examples of the animals belonging to each group and their features. We have created some cool posters and leaflets to show our knowledge. For RE, we have thought about the Buddha's reflections on suffering and considered how we ourselves can help those who are suffering with various problems. In Geography, we have explored the various layers of the rainforest and looked at the animals to be found in each layer. 


Next week in Maths, we will be learning how to interpret data which has been presented in line charts and pie charts.  

English next week will link to our Science and Geography topics: we will be creating an organism of our own and writing a report about it!   

We will also be continuing with all our other curriculum topics. 



Have a lovely weekend, take care of yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all very soon! 


This week's Stars and Rockers ....


Tanatswa and Aimee

Adam and Hasnain

Fatima and Leigh

Millie and Amber




Muhammad, Hasnain, Leigh, Adam, Bobby, Mae, Maddison, Aimee, Aliza, Brody. 

Check out our fun home learning option for Year 6 this term all about our topic of 'Rainforests'!

Team Topaz highlights 2021/22


WC 17.01.22 Art: This week, we have continued work on our rainforest bead animals. It is quite fiddly, but the results are beautiful!

wc 10.01.22: This week's certificates winners!

wc 10.01.22: Computing / DT: This week we did a workshop to learn how to program a BBC micro-bit computer. It was great fun and we learnt lots!

06.01.22: Maths - making and labelling 3D shapes with the number of faces, edges and vertices!

wc 13.12.21: RE - today we learnt about the differences between a Sacred and Secular Christmas and designed Christmas cards to reflect each.

wc 13.12.21: Science - this week we have used switches to turned components on and off in our circuits!

wc 13.12.21: Geography - this week in Geography, we have been using everything we have learnt about Ordnance Survey maps to create our own maps. We used the Ordnance Survey symbols and wrote 4 and 6 digit grid references for locations on our maps.

06.12.21: Christmas Dinner Day in Christmas Jumpers! Archie's mum even made him a Christmas Tree Sandwich!

wc 06.12.21: PSHE - mini-plays to show how differences can be a cause of celebration!

wc 06.12.21: Science - this week we learnt how to stay safe when using electricity! We made super posters to show what we had learnt!