Hobletts Manor Junior School

Hobletts Manor Junior School

Learning and Achieving Together


Welcome to Year 6 and Team Topaz!

 Your Classteacher is Mrs Boulder.

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Sides, Ms Routledge and Mr Steedon.



It has been a fun and energetic week in Team Topaz as we have been really enjoying sports week! We started off with a soggy but very enjoyable sports day. We did lots of different activities and earned points for our house teams. On Wednesday, we tried archery and found that we have some sharp shooters in our class! On Thursday, we played quidditch (without the flying broomsticks) and tricked and tumbled our way around the school hall. We ended our very sporty week with boxing and learnt lots of new skills. We have also been inventing sea creatures for our 'Oceonology' inspired diary and have learnt how to use column addition and subtraction to calculate with time. We have also learnt about how our diet can affect our bodies.


Next week, we will be rehearsing and filming our play, 'The Next Big Step' as the film company will be visiting school on Tuesday. We will be revising 2D and 3D shape in Maths and in English, writing our next instalment of our deep sea adventure diary.


Well done for a super week, have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!


Congratulations to this Week's Stars and Top Ten Rockers!






Adam & ZakDanny & Millie CTommy & TeddyAdam, Rohan, Oliver, Daisy, Tommy, Dylan, Lewis, James, Danny and Sophie

wc 14.06.21: In Science this week, we completed a pulse rate investigation. We exercised for a minute then rested for minute. We repeated this until our pulse rate returned to its resting rate. We found that this was a good way of measuring fitness.

wc 14.06.21: Learning how to take our pulse rate! We found it either on our wrist or neck and counted for a minute.

wc 07.06.21: Music! Mrs O'Brien visited our class and taught us the words and actions to a sea shanty!

wc 07.06.21: Buddhism - the link between desire and suffering.

wc 24.05.21: This week in Maths, we have been learning about spirals. In this lesson, we created Baravelle Spirals!

wc 24.05.21: This week in Maths, we learnt how to use a compass to draw an accurate circle with a given radius!

wc 17.05.21: Curriculum Stars for today! For being an amazing digestive system!

wc 17.05.21: Today we designed our own Aztec Gods with very Aztec names!

wc 17.05.21: This week in History, we have been learning about the Aztec Gods. In this lesson, we matched the description of the God with their picture and tried to pronounce their names!

wc 17.05.21: This week in Science we have been learning about the digestive system. In this lesson we matched the organs and their functions. Then we put them in order!

wc 10/05/21: This week in Science, we created a model of the human circulatory system. We were either blood cells or organs! We transported oxygen to the organs and collected toxins. We were pumped by the heart to the lungs, back to the heart then around the rest of the body. After the body, we returned to the heart to get pumped to lungs for more oxygen!

wc 10/05/21: Aiza shared with the class how she has been fasting for Ramadan and what she has planned for Eid.

wc 03/05/21: This week in Science, we learnt about blood! Here are the fact files we created!

wc 03/05/21 Designing a stamp to celebrate our lockdown heroes!

wc 26.04.21: Chef of the week - Harry!

wc 26.04.21: Making Fajitas!