Hobletts Manor Junior School

Hobletts Manor Junior School

Learning and Achieving Together


Welcome to Year 6 and Team Turquoise!

 Your classteachers are Mrs Holman and Mrs Vipond. 

Your teaching assistants are Miss Allwork and Mrs Pearson-Childs


It has been a busy week this week in the combined class Year 6 team!


We have been reading a book called 'The House with Chicken Legs' together which has been really fun. We have written Kenning poems on a subject of our own choice and created artwork to accompany it. We learned about spirals in Maths and found out how to make a Baravelle spiral. Our big project was to make our own board game. The games were very good and we had lots of fun playing them. We also got to make fajitas with Mrs Pyke!


Next week starts with our Aztec day and we will be visited by Mexicolore who will bring the Aztec empire to life! We will also be doing lots of practice towards our Year 6 play! In Maths, we will be learning about different types of spiral and in Guided Reading, we will explore an extract from Sherlock Holmes and discuss the character's feelings. 


Wishing you all a restful and sunny weekend. 




Congratulations to this week's superstars: 

Maths: Nathilan and Hafeezah

English: Ryan and Tyler

Curriculum: Nathilan and Moksha

Values Star: Nathilan  



Well done to our top 10 rockers for this week:












Well done to all those who read 5 or 7 times this week! 

 Kai, Hafeezah and Moksha Charlie, Tamsin, Josh, Amy, Ellen, Aminah, Edward, Ava, Nathilan, Sophie, Oliver and Lucie. 


Team Turquoise highlights 2021/22

Check out our fun home learning option for Year 6 this term all about our topic of 'Aztecs'!

wc 20.6.22: This week we made board games - this is us playing them on Friday!

wc 20.6.22: This week we have written kenning poems and created artwork to accompany them!

wc 20.6.22: This week we have made fajitas with Mrs Pyke!

WC 13.06.2022 Music - we had our first cornet lesson since the Autumn term this week and remembered the basics pretty well!

WC 13.06.2022 DT - This week, we have been experimenting with different flavours and textures as part of some taste testing we are doing for our Aztec fajitas! We were very adventurous with what we tried!

WC 13.06.2022 This week Tamsin and Lucie took part in a basketball tournament for the school and came second! Well done girls - we are all very proud!

WC 13.06.2022 Sports Week - on Thursday we tried some lacrosse!

WC 13.06.2022 Sports Week - Wednesday was yoga!

WC 13.06.2022 Sports Week - Tuesday was modern dance!

WC 13.06.2022 Sports Week - Archery on Monday!

WC 06.06.22 Art - we are feeling mega proud of our finished graffiti wall and all our beautiful work! Thank you to the lovely Mrs Green for creating this fabulous display for us!

WC 06.06.22 History - Well done to Taylor, who spent his half term creating this amazing model of the Sphinx using 2000 pieces of mini Lego! Incredible work Taylor!

WC 23.05.22 Art - we have finished our Aztec inspired graffiti pieces and they are vibrant and beautiful! We are planning to make a display from them to go in the school corridor!

WC 23.05.2022 Jigsaw Workshop - this week, we were lucky enough to be able to take part in an exciting drama workshop. We practised our dance moves, warming up our vocal chords and using our bodies to act out given scenarios!

WC 16.05.2022 PSHE - This week, we have discussed changes and losses and the feelings that can sometimes come with these experiences. We enjoyed making some beautiful memory boxes, filled with positive memories to do with changes and losses we had experienced.

WC 16.05.2022 Science - This week, we have been learning about the lungs and their function. We also explored lung capacity and had lots of fun using balloons to measure our own!

WC 16.05.2022 Art - This week, we have started a new topic all about graffiti which has been inspired by Aztec Art. Check out our beautiful, vibrant designs!

WC 09.05.22 Science - this Friday in Science, we have found out more about the incredible organ that is the human heart. We used 450grams worth of weights to get an idea of how heavy it is, had a go at labelling the different areas and created some beautiful posters to show the new facts we have discovered!