Hobletts Manor Junior School

Hobletts Manor Junior School

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Team Turquoise 2022/23

 Your class teachers are Mrs Holman and Mrs Vipond. 

Your teaching assistant is Mrs Buck



Another super busy week in Team Turquoise! 


In Maths, we have been revising metric measures, how to convert between them and strategies to answer questions about them. In English, we have been finding out about explanation texts and writing about how Wallace's (from (Wallace and Gromit) 'Snoozeatron' works! In Science, we have continued to look at animal adaptations and in Geography, we have explored the ways in which we can live more sustainable lives. In addition to this, we have celebrated British Science week and enjoyed completing an activity to do with our fingerprints. In PSHE, we found out about the impact of different foods on the body and in RE, we have learned about the events of the Easter Story in more detail. We have also continued to learn the song 'La Bamba' and have enjoyed showing off our moves! Next week, we are looking forward to playing it on xylophones.!


Next week in Maths, we are revising quadrilaterals, angles and coordinates and in English we are starting to write an explanation text about surviving in the rainforest. We will also continue with our topics across the curriculum. 


Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!



****Congratulations to this week's superstars****:

English - Noah and Taylor

Maths - Matthew and Amber    

Curriculum - Joshua, Razvan and Caitlin         

Values (passion)  -  Noah and William 


Times Tables Top Ten Rockers - 1.Joshua, 2.Razvan, 3.Steven, 4.Christian,  

5.Adam, 6.Elise, 7.Miller, 8 Harry, 9. Caitlin, 10.Marco   

Well done everyone! 

This week, our overall class percentage came in at 26%, which is the same as the previous week. Please continue to practice your times table rocking Team Turquoise.  


Well done to all those who have read 5 times this week: Reggie, Marco, Razvan, Ollie, Jayden, Noah, Bella, Matthew and Abbie. 


Well done to all those who are undertaking the Reading Challenge and have read 7 times this week: Freya, Alexis, Joshua, Harry, Christian, Caitlin, Steven, Elise, Josh and Taylor. 


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)


Please find details of our optional home learning piece for this term below, which relates to our Geography topic of 'Rainforests'. 





WC 13.03.23 Well done to all our wonderful certificate winners this week!

WC 13.03.23 Geography - well done to Caitlin for creating this superb model of the rainforest for her optional home learning! Brilliant effort!

WC 13.03.23 Music - this week, we have continued to enjoy the song La Bamba!

WC 06.03.23 Music: we had such fun in Music this week, boogying away to the 1950s Mexican folk song La Bamba!

WC 6.03.23 Well done to Adam, who this week has shared his amazing Rainforest optional home learning with us! Superb effort Adam -well done!

WC 27.02.23 London Zoo Trip: we had a fabulous time at London Zoo this week, enriching our learning of our 'Rainforests' topic!

WC 27.02.23 Well done to all of our super certificate winners this week!

WC 27.02.23 Books and blankets: time to relax with a great story....

WC 27.02.23 This week, we came to school dressed as some of our favourite book characters, in celebration of World Book Day!

WC 20.02.23 Well done to our certificate winners this week!

WC 20.02.23 Science - this week, we have investigated some tricky concepts: mutation, inheritance and adaptation. We have done some research and we are going to create some posters all about the Theory of Evolution next week.

WC 20.02.23 Shrove Tuesday - we celebrated by testing our pancake flipping skills to see how many flips we could do in 30 seconds!

WC 30.01.23 Well done to this week's certificate winners!

WC 30.01.23 Maths - This week, we have learnt about imperial and metric measures and had a go at sorting them into groups.

WC 30.01.23 Science - This week, we have been learning about Branching Diagrams and have created some of our own to sort our living things!

WC 30.01.23 Computing - This week, we used spreadsheets to generate a variety of data!

WC 23.01.23 RE: this week, we were very lucky to receive a visit from Mr Masters, who told us about some of his favourite parts of the Bible.

WC 23.01.23 Art: concentrating hard on our bead art to make beautiful living things!

WC 23.01.23 Maths: this week, we have used cubes to find out about the word volume and what it means.

WC 23.01.23 Computing: we are loving learning about spreadsheets in our Computing lessons.

WC 23.01.23 Rainforest Home learning! This week, Elise has brought in a stunning model to show the layers of the rainforest. Amazing work Elise!

WC 23.01.23 Well done to this week's certificate winners!

WC 16.1.23 Our Week's Learning! We have had fun in our PE lessons, learned how to use 2calculate in computing and designed bead and wire creatures in Art, amongst other things!

'RAINFORESTS' Optional Home Learning Task Spring Term 2023!

WC 09.01.23 Well done to Hope and Amber who, this week, have shared their optional home learning on Rainforests with us: creating this stunning model of a butterfly! Super work girls!

WC 09.01.23 Well done to our super certificate winners this week!

WC 02.01.23 Science - we looked at the 7 life processes using MRS GREN. These fabulous posters show our new knowledge!

WC 12.12.22 Geography - this week, we have challenged ourselves to read 6 digit grid references on our maps!

WC 12.12.22 Well done to this week's certificate winners and our half termly values award winners for consistently showing the attribute of 'respect'! Fantastic work everyone!

WC 05.12.22 Well done to Matthew for creating this fabulous model of a WW2 Hawker Hurricane plane, as part of his optional home learning!

WC 05.12.22 Maths - in Maths this week, we have learnt about 3D shapes and matched the shape names to their properties!

WC 05.12.22 RE - this week, we have discussed the terms 'sacred' and 'secular' and made Christmas cards to reflect both these elements.

WC 05.12.22 This week, Adam has shared his amazing optional home learning with us - so many incredible WW2 facts and a super model of a plane too! Well done Adam!

WC 05.12.22 Today, Caitlin brought in her wonderful story from home - well done Caitlin!

WC 28.11.22 Science - this week, we investigated the effect on the bulb in a circuit, when more and more wires are added to the circuit!