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Hobletts Manor Junior School

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Team Turquoise 2022/23

 Your class teachers are Mrs Holman and Mrs Vipond. 

Your teaching assistant is Mrs Buck


We have had a very busy week in Team Turquoise!

In Maths, we have been learning about quadrilaterals, triangles and angle rules. In English, we have written a persuasive letter to a mother in World War 2 asking her to evacuate her child to the countryside. Our spelling pattern has been adding the suffixes: -ant, -ent, -ance, -ence, -ancy and    -ency. In Science, we investigated the effect of adding wires to a circuit and found out how many wires it would take to make the bulb go out - it took a lot of wires! In Geography, we found out what economy, import, export and GDP mean and what the richest countries in the world are and in RE, we found out what Buddhists believe about karma. During our PSHE lessons, we did some research into the amazing lives of the Paralympians and made some posters full of amazing facts! 


Next week in Maths, we will be looking at 3D shapes, nets of shapes and how to use a protractor to accurately measure angles and draw shapes to a specified size. In English, we will be writing a letter from an evacuee to home, sharing what their new life is like in the countryside and we will be revising all of the spelling patterns we have looked at so far this half term.


Have a great weekend all and we'll see you on Monday!


Congratulations to this week's superstars:

English - Jess and Amaya

Maths - Harry and Dylan  

Curriculum - Hope and Dylan  

Values (respect) - Razvan and William    

Times Tables Top Ten Rockers - Elise, Joshua, Christian, Razvan, Steven, Adam, Noah, Luke, Hope and Miller 

This week, our class percentage for Rockstars is up from 57%, to 74%. Well done to everyone who made this happen! 

Well done to everyone who read 5 times this week - Dylan, Miller, William, Noah, Bella and Matthew  

Well done to everyone who read 7 times - Joshua, Harry, Jessica, Christian, Steven, Hope, Amaya, Elise, Josh and Adam 


Weekly Home Learning

Times Table Rock Stars and Spellings each day

Reading (5 times per week or 7 times for the challenge)


Please find details of two further optional home learning challenges for Maths and History, attached below: 





Autumn 2022 Optional Home Learning - History World War 2

Autumn 2 2022 - Maths Challenge (Optional Home Learning) - Make your own Maths Game!

WC 28.11.22 Science - this week, we investigated the effect on the bulb in a circuit, when more and more wires are added to the circuit!

WC 28.11.22 Well done to this week's certificate winners!

WC 28.11.22. WW2 Optional Home Learning - This week, Freya brought in her amazing home learning on WW2! Thank you Freya, for sharing and finding so many wonderful facts and photos!

WC 21.11.22 Well done to this week's certificate winners!

WC 21.11.22 PSHE - we created some role plays to show examples of power.

WC 21.11.22 Science - we investigated the effect of adding more batteries to a circuit! It was so much fun!

WC 21.11.22 Art - more beautiful examples of our completed London landscapes!

WC 21.11.22 This week, we got to test out the new doodle board! It was very relaxing!

WC 14.11.22 This week's certificate winners - well done!

WC 14.11.22 On Friday, we donned our spots and fluffy ears to support Children in Need!

WC 14.11.22 Art - this week, we have finally finished our London landscapes and they are beautiful!

WC 14.11.22 World Cup Dance Workshop - on Monday we celebrated the start of the World Cup by doing some Japanese dancing!

WC 07.11.2022 Science - this week, we have been investigating facts about electricity and decided which ones were true and which were false!

WC 07.11.2022 Congratulations to this week's certificate winners!

WC 07.11.2022 Bocce Champions - well done to Jayden and Matthew who this week, attended a Bocce Tournament and came back with medals! Good work boys!

WC 07.11.22 Marking Remembrance Day in our uniforms.

WC 07.11.22 Well done to Bella, who this week, has created her own dress which she has hand sewn! Amazing creativity Bella!

WC 31.10.22 RE - we are proud of our Diwali hands and have created a beautiful display in our Team Turquoise cloakroom!

WC 31.10.22 Art - our London Landscapes are coming along nicely!

WC 31.10.2022 PE - Well done to Amaya for completing another Sports Classroom Challenge!

WC 31.10.22 History - Well done to Reggie and Dylan, who this week, have brought in their optional home learning all about World War II! Superb effort boys - great work!

WC 17.10.2022 - this week's certificate winners and this half term's values winners! Well done everyone!

WC 17.10.2022 RE - we created some beautiful Mehndi Patterns to celebrate Diwali! Well done everyone - they are gorgeous!

WC 17.10.22 PSHE - Show Racism the Red Card! We created some role plays to show how our differences can be a cause for celebration!

WC 17.10.22 Art - this week we created some fantastic art work inspired by the artist Reggie Laurent!

WC 03.10.22 Art - We used different mediums to extend a picture by the artist we are studying at the moment: Andre Derrain

WC 03.10.2022 Art - Elise has been inspired by our Art topic at the moment to create a fabulous research poster of facts! Well done Elise!

WC 03.10.2022 Science - conducting our shadow investigation!

WC 03.10.2022 Science - we had lots of fun creating shadow puppets and performing with them!