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Hobletts Manor Junior School

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Welcome to Year 6 and Team Turquoise!

 Your Classteachers are Mrs Vipond and Mrs Holman.

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Pullen and Miss Lynas.



Another fantastic week in Team Turquoise! In Maths, we have been revising how to tell read the time on an analogue clock and looked at a method for adding minutes and hours onto given times. In English, we have started work on our new book, 'Oceanology'. We thought about what our submarine might have inside (to explore the depths of the oceans) and what creatures we might encounter! In Science, we have been finding out that a measure of fitness is how quickly our heart rate recovers after exercise and we have been keeping an exercise diary to see if we have hit the target of 150 minutes per week! In RE, we have been learning how Buddhists' beliefs affect their life choices, including which job they would do. We have also been rehearsing for our play, 'The Next Big Step'. Well done to everyone for their commitment to learning their lines and working so hard in rehearsals.


Next week, we will be learning a strategy for subtracting hours and minutes in Maths, and in English, we will be thinking further about our expedition under the sea! In Science, we will be looking at the impact that diet has our bodies and in RE, how Buddhists' feel and how they act in reaction to others' suffering. Next week is also Sports Week and we will be trying a new sport every day, ending with a trip to Astley Cooper School to play golf!


Well done for a super week, have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!


Congratulations to this Week's Stars and Top Ten Rockers!











Emily H 




Katie, Samuel, Carter, Riley, Byron, Zoe, Lara, Matthew, Harry, James. .

18.06.2021 We were so excited to receive our Leavers' Hoodies this week!

WB 07.06.21 Drama! Getting into the swing of rehearsals........

WB 07.06.21 Music! Mrs O'Brien visited us and taught us the words and actions to a sea shanty!

WC 24.05.21 We created beautiful examples of Archimedes and Baravelle Spirals, now proudly displayed on our Maths board!

WC 24.05.21 We sorted examples of spirals into human made and those found in nature!

WC 24.05.21 Enjoying our traditional 'End of SATs' Pizza Lunch. No SATs this year, but there is still pizza!

WC 17.05.21 Well done to our stars of the week!

WC 17.05.21 This week in PSHE, we have considered how to use the internet in a safe and positive way. We made some information sheets to show our great knowledge.

WC 17.05.21 This week in Maths, we have practiced using calculators to calculate equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages!

WC 17.05.21 On Friday, we celebrated Word Diversity Day. We discussed the meaning of the word 'diversity' and why this is a good thing. Some members of the team brought in flags to show their heritage too! It was really interesting finding out all the different places people come from!

WC 10.05.2021 This week in Science, we have recreated the Circulatory System using ourselves. We were either blood cells or organs! After being pumped by the heart, we transported oxygen to the organs and collected toxins and CO2 on the journey before returning to the lungs to expel the CO2 and collect more oxygen!

WC 10.05.21 Aztec Cooking continues!

Chef of the Week!

Science- All about blood

WC 26.04.21 Can you crack the Aztec code? This week, we have used Aztec glyphs to create messages of our own!

WC 26.04.21 In Science, we also measured our lung capacity using balloons. It was really fun!

WC 26.04.21 This week in Science, we have learned all about the lungs and made some brilliant posters to reflect this. Did you know, the lungs can be stretched out to cover the size of a tennis court?!

WC 19.04.21 During Science, we learned about our hearts and their function. We tested our heart rates before and after exercise. Finding our pulses proved interesting!

WC 19.04.21 During Earth Day we reflected on how we can help the environment and made some thoughtful pledges.

WC 19.04.21 We learned so much about the Aztec way of life, as you can see from our fantastic posters!

WC 12.04.21 During our Science lesson, we have learned about the major organs of the body and their functions.

WC 12.04.21 This week in PSHE, we have reflected on the special people to whom we feel connected. This lovely lesson made us smile!

WC 22.03.21 This week, we have completed our beautiful Rainforest cushions. Well done Year 6 - they are gorgeous!

WC 15.03.21 Recognising Comic Relief and the work of this wonderful charity in red and as super heroes!

WC 15.03.21 Practising our first aid techniques and learning lots of valuable life skills during PSHE.

WC 15.03.21 Improving our map reading and orienteering skills as Geographers!

WC 08.03.21 This week in PSHE, we have talked about different types of drug and their impact on the body. We sorted different examples into the four main categories: restricted, unrestricted, illegal and prescribed.

WC 08.03.21 This week in Science, we have learnt about fossil formation and had a go at describing this process in our own words!

World Book Day 5th March 2021 - Year 6 in their amazing costumes!

'Feel Good' Friday! How tall can you make a tower from 10 pieces of card and no sellotape! Well done to Katie, Millie and Megan - they made the tallest tower at 98cm! Amazing!

wc 22.02.21 This week in Science, we have learnt about the evolution of the peppered moth!