Hobletts Manor Junior School

Hobletts Manor Junior School

Learning and Achieving Together


Team Turquoise 2023/24.

 Your class teachers are Mrs Vipond and Mrs Short. 

Your teaching assistants are Mrs Buck and Mrs Botha


It has been lovely seeing everyone again after half-term!

This week we have been finding out abut the mathematics of spirals and have leant how to create Archimedes and Baravelle spirals. In English, we have started work on a new book, 'Odd and the Frost Giants' finding interesting and descriptive vocabulary that we can use in our own writing.

We had our Mayan day on Tuesday that provided us with the opportunity not only to learn even more amazing facts about this period of history but also to play Mayan musical instruments, undertake Mayan chanting as a group and try on Mayan costumes. In Science, we created a human model of the circulatory system and in PSHE, we found out what self-esteem is and thought of positive messages we can tell ourselves. In RE we compared stories from the Christian and Buddhist faiths using secondary resources and in Art, we started work on our new graffiti art topic as well as starting our set of cornet lessons in music with Mr Eccles.


Next week, we will be learning about number properties and in English, we will be writing a descriptive piece based on 'Odd and the Frost Giants'. We we will also be continuing our learning in other subjects.

. Have a lovely weekend and see you again on Monday!

****Weekly Certificates**** 

Values: Emily and Charlie

Maths: Arav and Humza

English: Rubie T ad William

Curriculum: Tansy and Humza


****Friendly Leaves****

Well done to Tomas and Nabia for showing kindness to others and being a supportive friend to all.


****Rocking and Reading****

Well done to Zac, Sam, William and Fletcher who read at least five times this week and to Arav, Bahar, Evie, Tansy, Freddie, Amelia,  Keira, Thomas, Ella, Ruby, Evelyn-Rose, Kavi and Evie May who all attained the Challenge of reading at least seven times.

Congratulations to our Top Ten Rockers: Kavi, Ella, William, Eshal, Fletcher, Sam, Hana, Arav, Ruby and Amelia. 

Well done to Fletcher who rocked five times this week and to Ella who rocked seven times achieving the Times Tables Challenge.                            

wc 3rd June - So pleased to see Mr Eccles again as we return to playing the cornet.

wc 3rd June - Tasting complete, it’s time to cook!

wc 3rd June - Learning a little more about our circulatory system.

wc 3rd June - Mayan Day.

wc 3rd June - So very proud of our completed cushions.

wc 20th May- Getting creative with paper and pattern.

wc 20th May - enjoying DT day as we start our cushions.

wc 13th May - Getting in a little practice in preparation for our cushions next week.

wc 13th May - We did it and we shone, celebrating no more SATS!

wc 6th May - Refining our skills in rounders.

wc 6th May - Feeling hungry? Why not try something from our Mayan menus?

wc 6th May - What actually is blood and what does it do?

wc 29th April - Using balloons to measure lung capacity.

wc 29th April - Learning about the daily life of the Maya.

wc 29th April - Creating memory boxes for our special messages.

wc 22nd April - Returning to rounders and refining our throwing skills with a frisbee.

wc 22nd April - Learning about and locating where the Maya settled and identifying key Mayan cities.

wc 22nd April - Learning about what Christians believe about the Holy Trinity.

wc 15th April - Ordering key historical events.

wc 15th April - Investigating human variation. This week we looked at how different we are from each other! Some of us can roll our tongues, we all have different sized feet and hands and some of us have bigger ear lobes than others - interesting!

wc 15th April - Deepening our understanding of the human body, the major organs and their functions.